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In this original and very popular game your main goal is to conquer the opponent's base while defending your own. There are five ages: From the stone age to the future. Every age has its own units and defense mechanisms: Dino riders, archers, knights, mousketeers, tanks, super soldiers as well as catapults, cannons, titanium shooters, ion rays, etc.

Play it and enjoy its alluring music!

Rating: 4 stars 1/2

- Click on the yellow star once you have accumulated the right amount of experience points: This brings a new Age.

- Ranged units can support other units such as infantry, cavalry, etc. (for example: Up to three archers for each swordsman).

- Use wisely the special attacks (one type of attack per Age: falling meteors, rain of arrows, carpet bombing, etc.).

- Balancing defense and attacks is crucially at the heart of the game!