Currently playing: Bird Pax

An innovative card game that brings back to life the spirit of the classic card games. Raise your wingspan and rule the skies! Your goal here is to earn as many cards as you can in order to reach the set target (the feather on the right) to be able to carry on to the next level. It is a fun and attractive card game that is easy to play (practice makes perfect!).

Rating: 5 stars

- On every card there is a bird family indication (color) and a number (the bird's wingspan in centimeters). A larger wingspan means a more powerful card.

- Cards from the same family can support each other.

- If cards played in a round have either the same wingspan or family color then a Pax occurs: three cards are added face down to each current stack, raising the amount of wingspans to be earned.

- Some strategies work better than others, find them!