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Protect your gems! Fight the waves of rogues, warriors, ninjas, knights, bards, mages, level champions, etc., in this great, fun and popular tower defense game (one of the best Flash tower defense games to date!). Build tactics, build towers, accumulate mana to cast powerful spells, ...

The rich systems of upgrades and special abilities will delight many fans of strategy games: Multiple tower upgrade paths, special terrain, level skill points to spend in many special abilities, ... Many assailants even have special capabilities (like short-term invisibility or healing a comrade).

Rating: 5 stars

- Hold the Shift key to cast the same spell more than once (or to build the same type of tower in several places).

- Want to use a new powerful special ability? See that sometimes a minimum of skill points must be allocated to a category (orcs, undead or demons). For example: A new orc spell requires six orcish points before unlock: If six skill points or more are allocated to orcish skills, then selecting that spell becomes possible. As skill points are rare, strategic planning is important here.