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Mahjong Solitaire is a typical solitaire game. A set of Mahjong tiles (Flowers, Seasons, Dragons, Winds, ...) is preferred here to cards. Your target in Campaign mode: Remove all tiles from the board. Two identical tiles can be removed provided both of them are free (For new players: A tile is free when no other tile blocks it to the left and to the right - and of course above it).

There exists a second mode called Duel. To win you must gather more points than your opponent.

It is a charming game, challenging and yet relaxing. It features an excellent gameplay with many different levels, excellent graphics and a good music. Play it!

Rating: 4 stars 1/2

- Use Hints wisely: On click one pair of free tiles is displayed on board.

- The Shuffle button: On click all existing tiles are shuffled. A powerful help! Try to accumulate them from a level to another.

- Time bonuses, extra shuffles or hints can pop up during each and every level.

- The time left is the red vertical bar on the left.

- Press SPACE in-game to see the value in points of the tiles.

- Yes, it is practical: Use the arrow keys to change the view on the stacks.

- In a campaign there is a duel with a Boss for every 13 levels completed.

- Oriental or EuroDice? Choose a type of tile graphics in-game!

- Advanced notions such as DicePower, TimeFlow and BrainLevel are explained in-game. Yours to discover!