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Like Science Fiction? Hidden Dimensions is a great card game in such a setting: bases, spaceships, human and alien races, robots, ... Build your premium decks (all cards are free!) - or choose a premade one - and jump into frantic duels that require your talents.

The player controls a base and provided he has the right cards, he can launch ships, deploy structures and perform actions. Most structures provides energy, which is needed to play ships or perform actions. Many cards also have special abilities.

Rating: 4 stars 1/2

- There exist eight races in-game identified by an energy type and given a unique color. Each race has its own cards. You can only play three races at the beginning of the game (the five other races unlock through achievements): The Human race (Solar energy; Red color), the Ca'anian race (Dark energy; Light green color), the Xyloxi race (Nebular energy; Dark blue color). The other races are: Caes'cix, Rivi'i, Mith'ri'aeil, Technomancer, Rift Demon.

- A deck of cards comprises no less than 30 cards and no more than 60 cards. Note that without any unlock at first, only 70 cards can be brought into play (out of a total of 234).

- Check the Score screen within the main menu: There only you can see the achievements needed to unlock a new artifact card, a new deck, a new race, ... The first achievement is to gather ten victories in a row!