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Free yourself, huh? Become that world ruler you always fancied to be! Sensou is a fun, classic world domination board game set on maps of the continents (six levels). Attempt to make the best decisions to gain smooth victory or a great deal of effort will be called for. Use your flair to find winning strategies and your luck to win those crazy dice battles!

Rating: 4 stars 1/2

- A player's turn: 1. Place your new drafted troops (equal to the number of lands the player controls at that very moment, with a minimum of three new troops drafted). 2. Carry attacks if needed. 3. Move troops if needed.

- Note that on the first turn the starting player will not receive any new troop. The other players will receive half the usual amount (rounded up).

- Conquer and fortify strategy: You will understand quickly that attacking is costly in Sensou and defense is often the right choice.