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Cast yourself into the role of a mage and battle fiercely in wild magical duels and campaigns. At the beginning of each duel, each mage is given twenty cards at random (i.e., no deck construction here; And a card can be used multiple times): Four cards for each type of magic (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) and four cards for the expert magic (one of the following: Holy, Mechanics, Necromancy, Chaos, Control, Illusion, Demonic, Sorcery, Beast). This is a strategy turn-based game, and the winning player is the last standing one!
Summon creatures, accumulate mana, cast spells... battle strategically in single duels (choose the type and strength of your opponent), in multiple duels (league) or in a great campaign.

Rating: 5 stars

- List of the existing cards (from the official site): here.
- Not a card to play? Then click on the "End Turn" button (right in-between the portraits of the two players).

- A yellow line can appear on the right side of the game within some browsers, in that case right click, and it will disappear.