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Wage war accross the fantasy land of Beneril in this sequel to the highly popular game Warlords: Call to Arms (here). Involve yourself in battles, sieges and campaigns against orcs, wood elves, mountain trolls, ... Upgrade your units (gears, special attacks), buy powerful new unit types (mounted units, battle mages, ...). Build tactics and long term strategies as stronger challenges are going to knock at your gates in the course of the game.

Rating: 5 stars

- A group charge is given for every twenty enemy units knocked out.

- Controls: space and arrows (or wasd), q for charge (control keys for the two-player mode: wasd+space and arrows+enter).

- To win a field battle, you must bring more soldiers to the opposite side of the battlefied than the defender: This is reflected in the colored stripe at the top of the game screen (note that you can win the battle without waiting for the time limit if you manage to make the colored stripe all yours).

- In siege battles your goal is to get a fair amount of soldiers into the fortifications (it is highly recommended to have added a ladderman unit or a siege unit to your army before proceeding into such battles).

- The game may not be suitable for young players.