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Zilch is a well-designed casual dice game of skill and luck. This fun game is also known as Farkle. Roll the dice or take the points, it is all up to you! You can play this award-winning game against three simulated opponents, against a second player on the same computer; Or online against other Zilchers! (it is free)

Rating: 3 stars 1/2

How to play Zilch? It is simple: 1. First roll the six dice: Some of your dice should be worth some points (if not, you will not score any point during this turn. It is called zilching. Keep in mind that you must score points when you roll some dice).

2. You must hold some scoring dice before you can roll the other dice. You must reach 300 points before you can consider taking points during a round, so roll and roll the active dice until this goal is reached. Then taking the points or rolling the dice is up to you...

3. To win the game you must reach 10,000 points (or score over 10,000 points AND have more points than your opponent).

- 120 awards to unlock! (your recent accomplishments are highlighted in green color)
- Win ten games to unlock the third simulated opponent (called Realist).
- The game of Farkle on Wikipedia here.

- Zilching three times in a row = -500 points

- The various combinations (and their points): * A single 1 (100). Two ones (200). Three ones (1000). Four ones (2000). Five ones (4000). Six ones (8000). * Three twos (200). Four twos (400). Five twos (800). Six twos (1600). * Three threes (300). Four threes (600). Five threes (1200). Six threes (2400). * Three fours (400). Four fours (800). Five fours (1600). Six fours (3200). * A single 5 (50). Two fives (100). Three fives (500). Four fives (1000). Five fives (2000). Six fives (4000). * Three sixes (600). Four sixes (1200). Five sixes (2400). Six sixes (4800).

- To get a free roll: Have all dice selected! The best example is getting a single 1 or a single 5 on the last cube when rolling it.

- To get a free roll (and 500 points): A six dice roll must not score any point from a combination.

- To get a free roll (and 1500 points): In a six dice roll you must get one of the following: Three pairs or 1-2-3-4-5-6