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The goal here is to annihilate the enemy base while protecting yours. Play it! A game with a wealth of art and chic features. It is a brillant sequel to the first hugely popular Age of War (here) It still has an alluring music but also excellent graphics. And more! Many upgrades to choose from, new units to unlock, seven ages, ...
Fight Kopesh warriors in Egypt, mages and griffon knights near castles, cyborgs and mad scientists in a distant future... But above all do conquer that opponent's base!

Rating: 4 stars 1/2

- Learn how to line up the various unit types: one Spear Spartan behind an Armored Spartan, a Machine-gun Soldier and a Grenade Soldier behind a Tank, etc.

- The health points of your base increase with every new age.

- Research can unlock new unit types (for example: armory for the armored spartan unit; Or black powder for the cannon).

- The Options menu is useful: Adjust the graphics quality and FPS (Frames Per Second); See each damage done to units; Pause the game.

- Notice the smarter units who can throw projectiles at your base over some of your units.

- You and your opponent can use special attacks: rain of arrows, ... These special attacks cost XP points.